Essay on health awareness conference dates

Of all the factors that define a happy life, mental health is one of the most important factors.

Health Promotion and Primary Prevention Essay

Imagine, you have a lot of money, you have good friends and you have a good family…but somewhere you are depressed…something deep down in you is haunting your happiness. Can you call that life a perfectly happy life?

Not really! Because, unless you manage to uproot the factor which is pushing you into the abyss of depression and destroying the balance between your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, you will not really be happy.

Is there a definition by the books that you can follow? Not really. You may find definitions which say that mental health encompasses social, psychological and emotional well-being. All these factors eventually affect how we think, what we believe, what we feel and of course, how we act.

essay on health awareness conference dates

On a daily basis, there are a number of things we do. We communicate with others, we work and handle stress and we make decisions. How we do these depends on how well-balanced our mental health is.

Interestingly, mental health is not limited to adults only. Everyone — from a child to an old person — needs to maintain a proper mental health at every stage of life, be it childhood, adolescence or adulthood. Here is a quick look into those factors:. So, a balanced mental health is very important for every person. On top of that, it is necessary to educate everyone about the need for the same.

This is precisely what the World Mental Health Day aims for — to educate people about the need for maintaining a good mental health.

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Organized and hosted every year on October 10 by World Federation of Mental Health, the World Mental Health Day is meant for spreading awareness among general people about mental health as a whole. It is designed to make people aware of the measures that can be taken to help people with mental health issues. It is all about driving the society into taking steps that can help people with mental health issues to live a life of dignity. However, there are certain countries in which the World Mental Health Day is actually a part of a week-long mental health awareness drive.

World Federation of Mental Health was established back in As of today, the organization has contacts and members in over countries worldwide. While these remain the broad objectives of the organization, the World Mental Health Day in particular focuses on organizing events. These events include a wide range of activities including advice from experts, conducting various programs that can quickly spread awareness about different mental illnesses and more.

The day also focuses on educating people about the factors that can negatively impact the mental health of children and adults and corrective measures that can be taken to rectify the matter. These are all organized in form of community workshops where thousands of volunteers participate. Anyone who is willing to participate can simply join the workshops as a volunteer.Throughout the year, there are countless health observances that raise awareness for a variety of conditions both big and small and also remind consumers to be proactive and stay on top of their health.

These days or months are often celebrated by hospitals, healthcare nonprofits, patients, media, and social influencers. What are the health awareness events that are most meaningful to you? Share in the comments below. For more information or to submit an awareness month or day for consideration, reach out to pr healthgrades. Patent US Nos.

essay on health awareness conference dates

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Health Conf welcomes abstracts and papers with the following topics but not limited to. Send your abstract to abstract publichealthconferences. Call for Papers. Basic infertility services Sexually transmitted disease prevention and services Breast and cervical cancer screening Contraceptive services Familiy Planning Family medicine and primary care Issues among elderly workers, migrant workers, underage workers, pregnant workers Health and Disability Health and Climate Change Public Health and Nursing Occupational and Safety Health.

Abstract Submission Deadline — 30th June Send your abstract to abstract publichealthconferences.References Anderson, DR, et al. The University of Central Florida. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. Health promotion as a whole is defined as the best way to promote health of the patient, be that by preventing disease from occurring, by impeding the illness in its beginning stages, or by reducing pain and helping the patient feel comfortable.

The purpose of nursing is that healing can properly occur once. Health Promotion: The three levels of prevention in health promotion in nursing practice are primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.

The process of prevention in nursing practice is made up of preventing diseases, curing them, and restricting their progression. These three levels of prevention work towards health promotion, which is described as the combination of academic and environmental support for living conditions and actions that contribute to the well-being of an individual.

Christodolous et al. The detrimental effect of the summer break on the progress of physical fitness was less in children who did participate in physical activity than in those who did not. Health Promotion and Nursing Practice During the last three decades the concept of health promotion has emerged from within the overall field of nursing, presenting a proactive method through which health care workers can empower their patients to prevent disease and maintain optimal health.

While scholars, medical researchers, and professional nurses have all classified the practice of health promotion in varying terms throughout the years, the consensus definition of the term. Health Promotion Minority health is one of the most critical components of public health promotion in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"some minorities experience a disproportionate burden of preventable disease, death, and disability," versus "non-minorities," meaning whites.

Health promotion depends on ensuring equitable distribution of resources as a matter of social justice. While there are many diseases endemic to specific populations for genetic. Read Full Essay.

Sources Used in Documents:. Related Documents:. Health Promotion.Furthermore, the importance of self-reflection and self-awareness of oneself in order to provide professional nursing care was highlighted.

All these critical skills were then hypothetically interpreted into the context of my future clinical nursing practices in order to emphasize the importance of these skills. The first Mental Health seminar I attended was the Mental Health and nutrition featuring a food truck.

This was hosted by the Humber culinary program on Wednesday, October 4th from This Mental health seminar talked about the benefits of healthy eating. People become stressed and often look to food for comfort, so it's important that they are filling their body with a healthy alternative. Perhaps instead of indulging in chips you can satisfy your needs with a healthy alternative. When reflecting on my upcoming coursework in mental health, a lot is going through my mind. I have always wanted to get an opportunity to deal with people with a mental health condition as I seek to understand what they normally go through; this course offers me the chance of doing this.

Looking at the situation from two perspectives, I am excited and worried at the same time. Of course, the pleasure of learning new stuff will always precede any fears.

I am worried that I may not handle all the new. The presenters were Dr. Michael Selders and Dr. Natalie Portman. Selders started the session by drawing. Over the course of the semester I attended 6 clinical dates, all of them demonstrated different mental illnesses that people are affected with. I was able to witness patients in different settings like in their bedrooms, in the general sitting area, in class, and in one on one interaction with the providers.

It was a very different experience compared to clinicals for Medsurge or Foundations. When the semester started my view on mental health was that it was on recovery and how that is such a critical aspect in mental health, especially.

The section where I learned the most and gained the most knowledge were the sections about the theories. We discussed different types of psychological perspectives that are used to understand and treat mental health problems.

In the beginning of the semester, we learned about the psychodynamic perspective, the humanistic perspective, and the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT perspective. Before this class, I was. Clinical Reflection Paper My experience in mental health clinical was very different from any other clinical I had before. Therefore, it is important to prepare for the unexpected events. In this mental health clinical, I learned that the importance of checking on my clients and making sure that they are doing fine by.

This is an inpatient mental health setting for patients who are having a mental health crisis and petitioned to seek mental health treatment. This hospital provides nursing support, medical and psychiatric treatment, social work services with psychodynamic therapy.

An average stay at the hospital is days. As an intern, I am responsible for facilitating group therapy and completing.

Throughout the Mental Health Issues course, I have learned a great deal about myself and have stepped outside of my comfort zone. I thought I would be learning about the various mental health conditions people live with and what we can do to help.

The stigma that is attached to mental health that individuals have to face every day, the constant.

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Upon reflection, I felt that my anxiety was largely due to my negative preconceptions about mental illness especially my belief that mentally ill people are violent, unpredictable, and dangerous. These views were not only a result of a lack of knowledge about mental illness but also due to the impact of negative media and cultural stereotypes that I had grown up with.

Before clinical placement, I used to be scared with the patients and used to be reluctant to deal with them. Now, I have increased self-awareness and have consolidated rational thinking about mental …show more content… Moreover, I have improved my understanding of knowledge, concepts and skills required for mental health practicum which changes my perspective of mental illness.The Occupational Safety and Health Act passed in This act signals an important moment in occupational safety and health.

Prior tothe occupational safety and health were unsatisfactory. In fact, many accidents occurred in the workplace because of chemicals, dusts, and dangerous machines.

There were many hazards in the workplace that contributed to terrible injuries and fatalities. Furthermore, in an estimated 14, workers were killed on the job. After the Occupational Safety and.

This Act established for the first time a nationwide, federal program to protect almost the entire work force from job-related death, injury and illness," MacLaury. Occupational health and safety awareness pre-dates OSHA by decades, though, and it is important to place the administration within its historical context. The Industrial Revolution in the late.

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Introduction Workplace safety is a commonly used phrase that many do not consider until an accident occurs within the workplace. Throughout the U. This has been an issue in the workforce for many years and is still an ongoing issue. Are there laws that protect employees from an unsafe work environment; what is the Occupational Safety and Health Act OSHA ; and how did the labor unions affect the law?

In this paper these following questions will be addressed. Its purpose is to assure safe and healthful working conditions for men and women EPA, The application of the OSH Act in the current employment climate will be discussed as it applies to a variety of industries.

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It also studies about the risk that facing by the worker. The objective of this paper is to know and explore how occupational safety and health can bring the positive impact toward productivity of worker.

essay on health awareness conference dates

People have focused on improving health and prolonging lifespan of people since the ancient times. Before the development of systems for health care such as NHS and CDC, people used home remedies and it was not as effective. Assessment 3 Written Activity.Managers, researchers, mentors, supporters and also acting as champions for lifestyle change. They are advocating for their patients to provide easy access to health care resources and to help provide seamless care to them.

Nursing now more than ever is incorporating a holistic approach. They are getting to know their patients, teaching them ways that work for the patients, educating them about healthier options and also following up with them during their recovery process.

Articles on healthcare quality control reviews

Nurses are the largest component of the healthcare workforce and also the first in line of contact with the patient. Hence they hold a lot of power in their hands. Nursing practice today needs to focus on health promotion, disease prevention and management of chronic diseases to diseases o reduce the number of hospitalizations. Nursing workforce is the largest amongst all healthcare professionals. With the shift in healthcare from management of acute diseases and acute care to that of promoting overall health, the nurses roles too have evolved.

essay on health awareness conference dates

Nursing role are shifting focus from just disease prevention and cure to focusing on promoting an optimal statemanagers, researchers, mentors, supporters and also acting as champions for lifestyle change. Nursing role are shifting focus from just disease prevention and cure to focusing on promoting an optimal state. Free essay samples Examples Health awareness. Health awareness 8 August Health awareness.

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